NFT Caribbean Art is pleased to announce the official launch of the One Thousand Brawlers “1000 Brawlers” NFT Collection release, with our first edition ‘Nandi’ being minted and sold at auction 08/11/21:

NFTCaribbean Live Auction Highest Bid by Karibu Gardens

The new Owner will receive a number of additional rewards along with their NFT inclusive of long term promotion of Karibu Gardens to Nandi’s 80,000+ Followers, Sponsorship Credits in our upcoming IG Live Series & the ability to mint additional NFT Collections via our Metaplex integrated platform.

To celebrate our debut sale, all proceeds from the auction will go towards our IG Live Series prize pool which will be awarded to the most BRAWLING Participant as chosen by YOU!

Learn more about Nandi, Karibu & NFTs:

Nandi’s Instagram

Book Karibu Gardens

NFTCaribbean Marketplace

Look out for news in relation to our Brawling, Bubbies & Backshots Audio Collectible as we organize rewarding the NFT’s owners with a long term split of royalties from the recently released track.

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